No Deal Comes from Biden, Senate Republicans Meeting


As the presidency of Joe Biden goes on, he’s facing increasing pressure to actually back up his rhetoric on bipartisanship. This pressure is exceptionally intense in light of Biden’s mass number of executive orders and policies that exclusively appeal to the far left.

Yesterday, however, Biden and Kamala Harris sat down for a meeting with ten moderate Republicans. The meeting with GOP senators centered around talks of a COVID-19 relief package and furthermore lasted for two hours.

Despite engaging in the meeting, the president and vice president failed to reach an agreement with Republican senators. After the sitdown, the White House and Senate Republicans each released their own statements.

What to know about the meeting between Biden-Harris and GOP senators

Republicans in the Senate shared positive feedback about the meeting. GOP Sen. Susan Collins stated that although no agreement arrived, talks were productive. The Republican also confirmed that both the president and conservative senators agreed to “follow up” with one another via their aides.