North Carolina Officials Work to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking


Many Americans are learning that human trafficking exists not just in faraway locations, but also in the United States. Across the country, different communities have taken measures to increase awareness about human trafficking.

A huge part of this involves providing training to workers (such as those in the transportation and entertainment industries) who are more likely to come across traffickers or their victims while on the job.

While no American state remains free from trafficking, some cases are more reported in certain states than others. North Carolina, for example, is among the nation’s top ten states for human trafficking.

It is for this reason that officials in the state are working to raise awareness about this problem.

A closer look at human trafficking problems in North Carolina

Billy West, the district attorney of Cumberland County, has some thoughts on why North Carolina is one of the states leading America in human trafficking cases.

West points out that North Carolina remains very populated and continues to grow. Furthermore, the state’s reputation for sports, tourism, etc., definitely counts as a factor.