North Korea to Denuclearize in One Year?


John Bolton is the national security adviser for President Trump. On Sunday, he said that the U.S. is now planning for North Korea to dismantle all of their nuclear weapons within one year.

The Plan’s Benefits for North and South Korea

After President Trump’s summit last month with President Kim Jong Un, he said that it would take many meetings to reach an agreement. Now, the U.S. has a plan to hasten negotiations.

Bolton said that Mike Pompeo will present the plan to North Korea very soon. He added that the plan will not only include dismantling North Korea’s nuclear missiles, but their ballistic missiles as well. He says that it will be in the best interest of North Korea to sign the agreement. Then, the U.S. will lift sanctions against them and they will begin receiving economic aid from Japan and South Korea.

This last comment from Bolton hints that South Korea is willing to aid North Korea financially. An agreement with North Korea to end hostilities is also in the benefit of South Korea to better ensure safety in the region.

North Korea’s Intentions?

There is some evidence that North Korea will not sign the deal in good faith. Anonymous U.S. intelligence officials report that North Korea is currently taking steps to hide part of their arsenal. The agents also say that North Korea is attempting to hide some of the facilities where they make the material for nuclear warheads. Their report coincides with the Defense Intelligence Agency’s opinion that North Korea will not willingly denuclearize.

Bolton did not directly comment on these reports. But he did say on Sunday that the Trump administration is aware of North Korea’s track record. He said that some of their previous tactics have been to prolong negotiations as they continued to develop weapons.

Trump Optimistic

President Trump said on Sunday that he believes Kim Jong Un is being sincere about wanting to make a deal. Trump added that after meeting with the North Korean leader and shaking hands with him, he believes him.

The U.S. President also said that suspending military exercises with South Korea has helped relations with North Korea. The country has not conducted any weapons tests since the summit. They have also destroyed the tunnels at their nuclear test site.

Trump added that the U.S. military is saving money by not running the drills in the South Korea.