Tech Industry Concerned of the Negative Impact of California Privacy Law

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The technology industry is worried the negative impact of the new California new privacy law, which is considered the toughest in the United States.

On Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown approved the California Privacy Act of 2018. The state legislature passed the law quickly and unanimously to prevent a stricter privacy initiative that will be included in the November ballot. The state will start implementing the law in 2020.

In response to the new privacy law, the Internet Association (IA) expressed its intention to push for changes. The organization noted that the state legislature passed the law without public discussion and process.

IA to push for improvements on the California privacy law 

In a statement, Robert Callahan, IA’s vice president of state government affairs, said, “Data regulation policy is complex and impacts every sector of the economy, including the internet industry. That makes the lack of public discussion and process surrounding this far-reaching bill even more concerning.”