North Korea Nuclear Accord Skeptics Point to Iran


Donald Trump, President of the United States, made a great declaration with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un at the summit in Singapore. But the success that the two leaders made comes with outright derision and skepticism from critics. They want to see the connection between Trump’s collaboration with Kim and his nuclear accord withdrawal with Iran.

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Just the Beginning

Officials from the White House are constantly pointing out that the summit in Singapore is only the beginning of the leaders’ meetings. The Trump administration said that the meeting went well, but that a final deal will take time. They argue that the criticism of Tuesday’s meeting doesn’t include any specifics on verification and denuclearization.

Senator Bob Corker is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee He said that he is very glad that Trump and Kim have met. However, he thinks that it’s difficult to determine what will happen next. He added that Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, should explain all the details that Trump’s team has in mind. Pompeo is the leader of the negotiations with North Korea.