NYPD Arrested Suspect in Anti-Semitic Vandalism at Brooklyn Synagogue

Anti-Semitic Vandalism at Brooklyn Synagogue
Credits: CBS New York (screenshot from video)

The New York Police Department (NYPD) apprehended the suspect in the anti-Semitic vandalism at a Brooklyn Synagogue on Friday.

The arrest comes after the NYPD released a surveillance image of a man who entered the Union Temple of Brooklyn on Thursday.

The police said a surveillance video showed that person to be responsible for writing hateful statements at the synagogue including “Jews better be ready, “Kill all Jews,” and other insulting words.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called the anti-Semitic vandalism as the “vilest kind of hate.” He added,” Union Temple is stronger than this. Brooklyn is stronger than this. We will fight anti-Semitism with every fiber of our being.”

Gov. Cuomo says “disgusting rhetoric” is tearing the U.S.

On the other hand, Governor Andrew Cuomo called the graffiti disgusting. He ordered the state’s Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate the incident and bring the person to justice. He emphasized that “New Yorkers stand united with the Jewish community and against hate in all of its forms.”

Additionally, Cuomo stressed that New York have “zero tolerance for discrimination.” He is doing everything in his power “to ensure that religious institutions are free from violence and intolerance.”

Furthermore, Cuomo said, “The disgusting rhetoric and heinous violence in this nation has reached a fever pitch and is ripping at the fabric of America, and it must stop.”

On Wednesday, an anti-Semitic vandalism also occurred at a synagogue in Irvine, California. The Irvine Police Department is investigating the incident to identify the suspect and bring him to justice. A surveillance-camera video showed that person who committed the vandalism was wearing a hoodie.

These anti-Semitic vandalisms in California and New York happened almost a week after the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The gunman identified as Robert Bowers killed 11 people and injured six others including law enforcement officers. Prosecutors charged Bowers with 44 federal crimes, most are punishable by death.