Did Obama Urge Biden Not to Run for President?


As we all now know, Biden clearly did not heed the advice from his former running mate.

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The Missing Obama Endorsement

Reports about Obama’s take on Biden’s candidacy for president speaks volumes. Over the course of Biden’s campaign, he has mentioned Obama numerous times to defend himself and his track record in politics.

When questioned on his previous work with segregationist senators and other matters, Biden noted that Obama heavily vetted him before choosing him as his vice president. During the second primary debate, 2020 hopeful Cory Booker noted the frequency in which Biden mentions Obama, stating that the former vice president “[invokes] President Obama more than anybody in this campaign.”

Still, despite the frequency to which Biden invokes Obama, the latter has yet to come out and endorse him. Given the newest developments, Obama may simply view Biden as unfit to run for office.

Thus far, Biden has not spoken about the lack of endorsement from Obama. He also has not responded to reports of the 44th president urging him against running for office.