Omar Claims “Most” Americans Don’t Understand the Dems’ Fight


There is no denying the reality that the Democrat Party has changed over the past few years. However, while this reality stands, the perception of the changes are another matter.

Many members of the Democrat Party believe that “bold” reform is the answer and necessary to defeat President Trump. Republicans and conservatives, on the other hand, view the current Democrat Party as radical and extreme.

Earlier this week, Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar sat down for an interview with The Intercept; during this interview, the representative talked about the 2020 presidential election and the Democrat Party.

An Overview of Omar’s Statements on 2020 and the Democrat Party

While sharing remarks, Omar spoke about the various candidates running for office. The congresswoman lauded the “Warren wing” of the Democrat Party; however, she also firmly reiterated her support for 2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders.

After stating that most Democrats fall under the “Warren wing,” Omar branded Democrats as “policy-oriented” and “the smartest in the room.” Finally, the congresswoman opined that most Americans aren’t able to understand what Democrats are truly fighting for.