Omar to Pelosi: “We Never Need to Ask for Permission!”


In Omar’s own words:

“We recognize every single person has a role. Our role is to take our votes. Leadership’s role is to wrangle votes and so if everybody understands what their role is, then everybody succeeds. […] We are not really in the business of asking for the share of that power. We are in the business of trying to grab that power and return it to the people.”

The congresswoman also lamented over the “struggle, often times, with people who have power about sharing that power.” This statement presumably pertained to Nancy Pelosi.

More on Omar

Despite censure from Speaker Pelosi, Omar has continued to engage in her Twitter habits. The congresswoman briefly sparred with President Trump after he stated that Omar shouldn’t be in office if “one-half” of the statements about her are accurate. Interestingly enough, Trump made this statement after defending Nancy Pelosi from accusations of racism.

See for yourself:

Omar then responded in the following tweet, claiming that Trump shouldn’t serve in the White House if “one-tenth” of claims about him are accurate: