Opinion: Biden’s Calls for Unity are Insincere, Not Backed by His Own Party


Democrats write op-eds stating that people without face masks ought to be shamed. House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweets out that “Trump sycophants” ought to be put on lists and held “responsible” for their behavior. How, precisely, the congresswoman believes in holding responsible these so-called “sycophants” remains to be seen.

Between all of this and the deep political divides on lockdowns, gathering restrictions, etc., Biden’s calls for unity are hallow and meaningless. Democrats comprise a sizable segment of the nation that believes anyone who fails to do what they want is deserving of scorn and punishment.

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Just earlier this year, multiple doctors penned a USA Today op-ed calling for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations and penalities for people who refuse.

What would it take for America to unite?

In order for America to unite, the calls for forced masking must cease. The one-size-fits-all approach of shutdowns must also come to an end. Likewise, if Biden and his handlers truly cared about unity in America, they’d stop trying to impose their will upon others.