Opinion: Biden’s Calls for Unity are Insincere, Not Backed by His Own Party


Right now, it doesn’t look like any of the above will happen anytime soon. Democrats have weaponized COVID-19 to control the lives of others; they’ve attempted to bully anyone who dissents into submission, but it’s not working.

Across the country, Americans are protesting against things like lockdowns, mask mandates, and government-imposed curfews. If the left truly believed in these edicts, they’d abide by them; yet, Americans continue to catch Democrats violating their own rules. It’s all very reminiscent of “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Look no further than California Governor Gavin Newsom who attended a large indoor birthday party after banning state residents from congregating in big groups.

If that’s not enough, consider House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who recieved a hair-do at a closed salon without wearing a mask. Let’s also not forgot New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; multiple photographers have caught him without a mask too.