Opinion: Biden’s Calls for Unity are Insincere, Not Backed by His Own Party


Prior to COVID-19, political division ran deep in the United States. However, the division from even one year ago comes nowhere close to where Americans currently are, as of today.

The harsh restrictions put in place by government bureaucrats masquerading as credible health “experts” caused an extensive amount of damage and division across the nation.

The bullying of people who wish to gather with loved ones and/or forego a face mask engendered division too; closing people’s businesses and calling them selfish for not wanting to see their lives and livelihoods crumble is also divisive.

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Amid all this, former vice president Joe Biden is now calling for “unity” amid a hotly contested 2020 race; the problem, however, is that Biden’s calls for unity lack sincerity and his own party doesn’t even believe in them.

Past the point of political compromise?

After the year that 2020 has been, it is very reasonable to assert that America is beyond the point of political compromise. Republicans and Democrats don’t just disagree on policy issues; no, it’s much deeper than that.

Democrats write op-eds stating that people without face masks ought to be shamed. House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweets out that “Trump sycophants” ought to be put on lists and held “responsible” for their behavior. How, precisely, the congresswoman believes in holding responsible these so-called “sycophants” remains to be seen.

Between all of this and the deep political divides on lockdowns, gathering restrictions, etc., Biden’s calls for unity are hallow and meaningless. Democrats comprise a sizable segment of the nation that believes anyone who fails to do what they want is deserving of scorn and punishment.

Just earlier this year, multiple doctors penned a USA Today op-ed calling for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations and penalities for people who refuse.

What would it take for America to unite?

In order for America to unite, the calls for forced masking must cease. The one-size-fits-all approach of shutdowns must also come to an end. Likewise, if Biden and his handlers truly cared about unity in America, they’d stop trying to impose their will upon others.

Right now, it doesn’t look like any of the above will happen anytime soon. Democrats have weaponized COVID-19 to control the lives of others; they’ve attempted to bully anyone who dissents into submission, but it’s not working.

Across the country, Americans are protesting against things like lockdowns, mask mandates, and government-imposed curfews. If the left truly believed in these edicts, they’d abide by them; yet, Americans continue to catch Democrats violating their own rules. It’s all very reminiscent of “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Look no further than California Governor Gavin Newsom who attended a large indoor birthday party after banning state residents from congregating in big groups.

If that’s not enough, consider House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who recieved a hair-do at a closed salon without wearing a mask. Let’s also not forgot New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; multiple photographers have caught him without a mask too.

Until the political left in America makes some real changes, this country is way beyond a widespread, bipartisan kumbaya. Anyone can stand on a podium and give fancy speeches; what ultimately matters are the policies and actions carried out across the nation.