Opinion: Biden’s Calls for Unity are Insincere, Not Backed by His Own Party


Prior to COVID-19, political division ran deep in the United States. However, the division from even one year ago comes nowhere close to where Americans currently are, as of today.

The harsh restrictions put in place by government bureaucrats masquerading as credible health “experts” caused an extensive amount of damage and division across the nation.

The bullying of people who wish to gather with loved ones and/or forego a face mask engendered division too; closing people’s businesses and calling them selfish for not wanting to see their lives and livelihoods crumble is also divisive.

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Amid all this, former vice president Joe Biden is now calling for “unity” amid a hotly contested 2020 race; the problem, however, is that Biden’s calls for unity lack sincerity and his own party doesn’t even believe in them.

Past the point of political compromise?

After the year that 2020 has been, it is very reasonable to assert that America is beyond the point of political compromise. Republicans and Democrats don’t just disagree on policy issues; no, it’s much deeper than that.