OPINION: Congress Was Right to Expel George Santos


Last week, Republican George Santos got the boot from Congress amid a succession of ongoing scandals and legal problems surrounding him.

The indictments against Santos exist due to his alleged money laundering, wire fraud, and a litany of other crimes. With the GOP consistently driving home the merits of law and order, it wasn’t really a good look for one of the party’s sitting members to be under fire from the law.

That’s not the end of the problems with Santos by any means though. On top of his indictments, Americans learned the former New York congressman deceived voters about his history, religious background, education, family, and more.

All things considered, the House of Representatives, a body narrowly controlled by the Republican Party, made the right move in showing Santos the exit door.

America has got to start electing better leaders

In recent years, many in this country have sadly stopped viewing character as a critically determining factor of someone’s fitness for office. Trumpism, in particular, asserts that character doesn’t matter and it’s all about “getting the job done.”