Nikki Haley Sees New Momentum Ahead of Fourth GOP Primary Debate


Over the past several weeks, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley’s 2024 presidential campaign has been picking up steam.

In late November, Haley won the endorsement of Americans For Prosperity. The conservative non-profit organization praised her as the GOP’s best shot at defeating Biden, while also affirming itself as the greatest resource to assist Haley in doing so.

Haley’s also found herself and the DeSantis campaign taking shots at one another. The Florida governor criticized her in November after she stated all social media users should have to be registered “by their name” when posting online.

Haley’s also responded to DeSantis with criticisms of her own, such as taking shots at his chances of winning the GOP nomination. With days left until the Republican Party’s fourth primary debate, much of the nation is weighing Haley’s chances of making it to the general election.

The latest from Haley’s campaign

Some of Haley’s latest campaign stops include Iowa’s Oskaloosa Christmas Parade, a rally in Bluffton, South Carolina, and a sit-down with New Hampshire voters in Wolfeboro.