OPINION: Five Techno-Pandemic Trends Changing Our Way of Life


With concerns about the highly contagious virus retail jumped onto the web. Online transactions are paid for cash-free. Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, and similar platforms are the digital wallets that were already replacing paying cash at local stores. And the COVID-19 crisis put the whole effort on steroids.

Restaurants, stores, and pharmacies have changed the way they do business. To stay in business, changes have been made that allow their customers and employees to remain socially distanced and provides this faster service with easier ways to pay.

5. Livestreaming Life

When the pandemic hit, most travel plans were instantly canceled. Air travel, cruise lines, and travel agencies continue to struggle. Originally,  the lock-downs were shut-downs and the world seemed to stop.

Some in the travel industry are coming back but it is happening slowly. And it may never return to normal.

Some people were shocked to discover that there was a whole world online. There are virtual tours and live-streams available for birdwatchers that enable them to get a close-up view of birds across the country or the world. Museum-goers can take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian without going to Washington D.C.