OPINION: Five Techno-Pandemic Trends Changing Our Way of Life


Our virtual workspace is almost unlimited. We can set it up any way we want because digital tools make it all possible.  Busy moms and dads have also rearranged the physical elements of their homes to make their space more efficient for telecommuting

2. Virtual Schooling

The coronavirus pandemic forced schools to shut down. From kindergartens to colleges, classes abruptly went online. Although some University coursework had been on the net for years, the brick and mortar schools weren’t really equipped to teach our kids in virtual classrooms.

This is a unique situation for educators, parents, and students and it is still evolving. Many students still won’t be doing school in-person. Educators are working to keep them engaged. Curriculums must be transferred from the classroom to the internet and better software systems are developing. 

There are larger implications. Some kids learn better in a more social environment and there is little doubt that children can get depressed and stressed when dealing with online school.