OPINION: Forced Vaccinations are More Dangerous Than Any Disease


Forced vaccination truly sets a dangerous precedent; people should be very careful about what they wish for. Advocates of vaccines need to realize that there are reasons why vaccination rates have declined over the past decade. People who question, criticize, or report negative experiences with vaccinations are not stupid, uneducated, or part of fringe groups.

Addressing Concerns About Vaccines

Today, forced vaccinations are the issue; tomorrow, it’ll be something else entirely. Although the medical community and other groups believe vaccines are so great, they must also face the reality that many people have had negative experiences with vaccinations.

Part of facing this reality means not censoring critical conversations about vaccines. There are already multiple reports of Facebook and Instagram blocking out “anti-vaccine” hashtags and content from search engines. This is deeply problematic and not the way to ease unrest about vaccines. Blocking out dissenting conversations does nothing but raise additional concerns…and rightfully so. People who are truly right and confident in their positions do not have to censor dissent, questions, and challenges from others.