OPINION: Forced Vaccinations are More Dangerous Than Any Disease


At the end of the day, there will always be a certain percentage of people who don’t trust vaccines; as much as the medical community and other groups may not like it, individuals don’t have to blindly trust or accept vaccinations, especially in light of vaccine injuries.

If vaccines are truly so great, then the government should remove the clauses which make vaccine manufacturers free from liability in cases of vaccine injury. Moreover, Facebook and Instagram should stop censoring out dissenting views about vaccinations; it really isn’t doing any favors for those who truly believe vaccines are beneficial to society.

Ceasing legislative campaigns to pull religious, medical, and personal exemptions from vaccines is imperative, as well. The government must let people determine whether or not they wish to vaccinate themselves and their children.

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Those who already have their shots should have protection if vaccines are as effective as the medical community claims.