OPINION: Forced Vaccinations are More Dangerous Than Any Disease


Vaccines are an incredibly controversial topic in America. There are people with very real concerns about the public health and safety of adults and children. Moreover, concerns about the safety of vaccines and approaches being taken with them are also very much alive.

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A significant part of the vaccine debate boils down to differing views on whether or not vaccines should be forced upon the unwilling. Some people subscribe to the ideology that forced vaccinations are acceptable for the greater good.

Quite frankly, forced vaccinations are more dangerous than any past, present, or future disease

The Perils of Forced Vaccinations

Bodily autonomy is an inherent tenet of individual liberty; this involves having the ability to determine what does or doesn’t go within one’s body.

Supporters of forced vaccinations often make the argument that the majority of society must be inoculated in order to allow for herd immunity against diseases; sadly, this argument contains many logical flaws and errors.