OPINION: Kari Lake Should Concede Her Loss in Arizona


The Arizona Republican also drew attention to issues with Maricopa County’s election management, issues which are valid. On Election Day, many tabulation machines in this county stopped working, causing massive delays for voters.

There is certainly a case to be made that Arizona needs to fix its process of running elections. However, this does not mean the governor’s race was rigged and stolen from Lake.

The Lake vs. Hobbs race was extremely close. It came down to the wire in a state with about 1.4 million registered Republicans, 1.2 million registered Democrats, and 1.4 million non-affiliated voters.

There is a very real possibility that despite the many positives of Lake’s campaign, her decision to align herself so closely to Donald Trump cost her key votes. In Arizona, one cannot win an election without winning over a considerable number of non-affiliated voters.

Likewise, footage of Lake at a campaign event where she’s telling pro-McCain Republicans to “get the hell out” likely also cost her critical votes.

The bottom line

The truth matters, even when it is painful and inconvenient. Upholding the security and integrity of elections is a must. Those who commit voter fraud or otherwise cheat in elections must face full accountability.