OPINION: Mass Hysteria Over Coronavirus is Ridiculous


The existence of coronavirus continues to dominate news cycles and pose as a threat to many people. Americans of all backgrounds, political affiliations, and the like can agree that this is a virus that must be eradicated. Public health is paramount and while this truth maintains, the mass hysteria over COVID-19 is absolutely ridiculous and must come to an end.

The Pitfalls of Mass Hysteria Regarding COVID-19

Mass hysteria rarely ever helps any situation and coronavirus is no exception. As the Doomsday predictions and reports of COVID-19 continue, people are quite literally losing their minds.

Across the world, folks are buying out the entirety of toilet paper from various stores; people are also quite literally coming to blows in supermarkets over the dwindling supply of various items.

None of the panic or hysteria over coronavirus will stop its spread. As a matter of fact, rash actions and behaviors only increase the likelihood of injuries or other calamities.