Opinion: Officials Must Call States With Clear Trump Wins


For some unknown reason, election officials and the media have yet to call these states for Trump. This is in spite of the reality that 88% of Pennsylvania’s votes are in while 94% and 99% are in for North Carolina and Georgia.

Now, the claimed reason for the failure to call these states is that officials are “still counting” votes. However, the counting of votes did not stop officials from calling Michigan, Arizona, and other states for Joe Biden. The Arizona GOP is urging Fox News to retract the claim that Biden secured the state; yet, Fox News has not done so.

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Sowing doubts in the minds of Americans

It is very clear that the liberal establishment and leftists in America want the nation to believe that Joe Biden has won the election.

This explains the rush to call states for Biden. It also explains why, on Tuesday night, the media waited forever to call Florida for Trump even after 94% of the vote arrived and Trump maintained his lead.