OPINION: Progressives Work Against Best Interests of the Democrat Party


For quite some time, the Democrat Party has struggled with whether or not their party should embrace a moderate or a progressive approach.

As Americans have seen, progressives are certainly making their voices heard. Those on the left who favor progressivism also tend to back radical leftism. Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, and viewing high-speed internet access as a “human right” are just a few examples.

Whether progressives realize it or not, they are actually working against the best interests of their own party. As a matter of fact, progressives are doing more to weaken Democrats than any Republican could ever dream of doing and here’s why…

Radicals Don’t Win General Elections

Right now, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the loudest and most trending progressive candidates within the Democrat Party. Both Warren and Sanders are all for raising taxes in order to fund their government programs and reducing Americans’ choices on healthcare, housing, etc. In other words, Warren and Sanders believe the government knows Americans’ best interests more than Americans.