OPINION: “Stay Home, Save Lives” Proven as False Narrative


Since the inception of lockdowns, advocates of staying home have claimed that this measure will save lives. As a matter of fact, they’ve even adopted and parroted a cute little slogan that says, “Stay Home, Save Lives.”

This slogan can be found on Facebook profile banners, in hashtags, and more. Liberal media outlets also make a habit of plastering this idea across headlines. Moreover, advocates of indefinitely staying home don’t have much tolerance for dissent.

Why is “Stay Home, Save Lives” a False Narrative?

Once again, the blind and shortsighted notion that simply staying home until the end of time is the answer has been proven as false. Yesterday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a press conference; during this time, Gov. Cuomo confirmed that 66% of new coronavirus hospitalizations comprise individuals who listened to lockdown advocates and stayed home, reports Fox News.

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If staying home means staying safe and saving lives, then why are 66% of new coronavirus patients in New York people who sheltered in place and listened to the government? Thus far, stay home advocates haven’t provided any answers. However, they have proven their propensity and eagerness to bully those who disagree with them on appropriate responses to COVID-19.

Bullying Tactics from Stay Home People

People who favor indefinite lockdowns and staying home continue to defame those who think differently. If you so much as dare to point out the now 33.5 million unemployed individuals or surges in domestic violence due to shutdowns, you face personal attacks. In the minds of the Stay Home, Save Lives group, acknowledging the plethora of negative consequences from lockdowns is equivalent to dismissing life.

Here’s the kicker, though: the people cheering for indefinite lockdowns are the ones who don’t care about saving lives; this maintains despite their slogans, masks, and demonization of anyone who chooses not to wear a mask.

If Stay Home advocates cared about life, they’d acknowledge the dangers of economic decline. That ultimately means getting real about how much money the government can realistically hand out to millions of consistently jobless people; additionally, if advocates of staying home actually valued saving lives, they would recognize that domestic violence, mental health issues, etc. are very real ramifications of ongoing lockdowns.

Considering these factors requires critical thinking, however. If there’s one thing the Stay Home, Stay Safe crowd is not good at, it’s certainly critical thought.

There is no quick or easy fix to coronavirus. Dealing with an issue of this magnitude demands logic and reason. Approaching the situation from multiple angles and considering the consequences of certain decisions also matters. One of the most critical angles deals with the economic impact on human lives; ignoring this angle is problematic and dangerous.

Sadly, those who blindly screech “Stay Home, Save Lives” have a ways to go before presenting any real or efficient solutions to COVID-19.