Opinion: The Case for Florida’s Anti-Human Trafficking Bill, HB 1439


Like so many others, Prince Andrew shared ties with convicted sexual offenders Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

However, while the heinousness of Epstein and Maxwell has made national headlines, there are so many other cases of human trafficking and sex trafficking that don’t get these levels of attention.

This is all the more reason why systemic and legal action to prevent, combat, and punish human trafficking is paramount; hence where Florida’s HB 1439 comes into motion.

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Florida’s House Bill 1439

Earlier this week, Florida state Rep. Jackie Toledo proposed House Bill 1439. The aims of this legislation entail cracking down against human trafficking and furthermore providing greater levels of support to survivors of sex trafficking.

Some key elements of HB 1439 entail the following:

  • Prohibition of hourly rates at motels, hotels, vacation rentals, and any other forms of lodging with availability to the public
  • Requirement for renters of the aforementioned lodging facilities to present a valid form of ID
  • Elevated legal punishments for purchasing prostitution services or obtaining an individual to engage in prostitution
  • Allowance for survivors of human trafficking to make their criminal records confidential as they work through the expungement process

The beginning of real change

Rep. Toledo’s legislation would be an excellent start to cracking down on human trafficking. Hopefully, the Florida state legislature will quickly pass this bill and then send it to the desk of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis so he may sign it into law.