OPINION: The US Political System Needs a Complete Overhaul


If there’s one thing Americans should be able to agree on, it’s that our nation’s current political system is a disaster. Now, some people’s thoughts about the underlying causes of different problems may vary, but there’s no denying the alarming nature of it all.

In 2023, division in this country has risen to historic heights. There are elected officials calling for a national divorce, embracing antisemitic tropes, and otherwise painting the opposing partisan side as the enemy.

There seem to be more political leaders who care about making headlines, trending on social media, and becoming “firebrands” than those who care about working across the aisle and passing effective policies.

The US political system, as it stands today, is an utter and complete failure. Fixing it will require some major steps.

Breaking the two-party duopoly

Some folks believe America’s two-party system of Republicans vs. Democrats is inevitable and impossible to change. However, more people support shattering this duopoly anyway.