Opinion: There’s a Serious Problem with Georgia’s Counting of Ballots, Votes


Two weeks have come and gone since Election Day 2020. Since this point, the nation has learned about innumerable instances of voter fraud and irregularities happening in multiple states.

The existence of voting irregularities and fraud is something that Democrats can no longer credibly deny. In Antrim County, Michigan, thousands of votes for President Trump wrongly wound up in the Biden column; only after the correction of the “glitch” were the president’s votes rightfully put back in his column, causing him to win Antrim County.

Across the nation, there are reports of backdated ballots, poll watchers being physically kept away from the counting of votes, and much more. This is why the Trump campaign is not ceasing litigation, no matter how loudly Democrats declare Joe Biden as “president-elect.”

Just earlier today, news broke that Georgia’s election audit found thousands of Fayette County votes that did not get uploaded. This information arrives one day after the Georgia recount found 2,600 uncounted votes in Floyd County.

The brokenness of Georgia’s method for counting ballots/votes

Of the 2,755 un-uploaded votes in Fayette County, Georgia, 1,577 of these votes went in President Trump’s column; the remaining votes went to either Joe Biden, Jo Jorgensen, or written-in candidates. Just yesterday in Floyd County, Georgia, a recount discovered 2,600 votes with approximately 800 votes going to President Trump’s column.