Over 21 Million Americans Now Have Concealed Carry Permits


Over the past almost three years, America’s witnessed a rise in gun ownership. In fact, millions of people who are purchasing guns for the first time are women and minorities. Across the board, Americans are recognizing the importance of self-protection and empowerment.

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The continuous surge of Americans buying and owning guns is not changing. In fact, as more people take their self-defense into their own hands, support for the Second Amendment is bound to get stronger.

For years, the gun control lobby has targeted women to get support for their cause; however, with more women arming up and learning how to train with firearms, things are changing. Gun control advocates will have a tougher time with fearmongering and discouraging legal gun ownership.

In fact, a recent report verifies that a growing number of Americans are also getting concealed carry permits.

The surge of concealed carry permit holders

This week, the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) stated as of right now, more than 21.52 million Americans are in possession of a permit to conceal carry firearms. This marks a 48% climb from the 2016 number of concealed carry permit holders.