Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Criticizes Obama for ‘TIME’ Op-Ed


Kashuv took to Twitter, affirming that the 44th President ought to be supportive of all individuals who exercise their First Amendment rights, not only those that he [Obama] agrees with:

The conservative, pro-Second Amendment Parkland survivor moreover slammed the former President for failing to acknowledge certain individuals who helped pass legislation:

Controversies and Conversations Regarding Parkland Survivors

The Parkland high school shooting largely reignited the passionate debate about gun control in America. Many of the survivors have opined that stricter gun control measures are in order to prevent future tragedies. However, this is not the view of all survivors, as evidenced by Kashuv.

Conservatives have furthermore expressed concerns that liberals and the mainstream media are intentionally ignoring Kashuv. While left-leaning Americans have controverted the foregoing claims, right-wingers believe that the Left views Kashuv has a threat since his views do not align with tightening gun control laws.