Parler Confirms “Backup Plan” Amid Amazon Pulling Web Hosting Access

Amazon cuts web hosting for Parler

Last week, some Trump supporters took it upon themselves to storm the U.S. Capitol as a means of protesting against the congressional confirmation of Joe Biden.

Needless to say, this decision has engendered severe consequences, property damage, injuries, and deaths; to top it all off, Trump loyalists who mobbed Capitol Hill last Wednesday also provided big tech with the ammunition to considerably up the ante against conservatives.

Towards the end of last week, Apple and Google removed Parler from their online stores. They cited Parler’s content moderation policies as too lax and supposedly permissive of violence; Parler, on the other hand, has pushed back against this and furthermore, an email from Amazon to Parler admits that the free speech site has removed content advocating violence, albeit not in the time frame that Amazon would prefer.

Therefore, at 11:59 PM tonight, Amazon will cease to host Parler on the web. However, this is far from the end for the popular free speech site.

What to know about the future of Parler

Parler executives have unleashed on Apple, Google, and Amazon for intentional censorship. The leaders of the free speech site maintain that big tech is doing all it possibly can to shut down competition; this coincides with Parler’s growing popularity over the years, especially as Facebook and Twitter become more restrictive.