Parler finds Its way Back Online, No it’s Not Hosted on Amazon Servers

Parler vs Amazon
Parler vs Amazon

Parler — the social media platform that gathered millions of Trump supporters is back online. The popular free speech app was banned from Amazon’s web servers on January 10, following the U.S. Capitol riots. Parler back online can be perceived as a victory for small companies against technology giants.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) blocked Parler in January; alleging the social network of supporting violence and promoting hate speech. The Nevada-based social network ban generated angry reactions from conservatives who alleged tech giants of censoring them. However, Parler found its way back online on Monday.

For weeks, Amazon insisted on blocking Parler. Nevertheless, the company figured out how to host its website on computer servers, and it is still unclear how the website managed to find a host. Although the web application is connected to the internet again, the application version of the social network is still offline.

Apart from Amazon; Google and Apple also blocked Parler. The two tech giants censored the application on their online stores, Google Play Store and Apple Store in January. It is unclear whether or not Parler can come back as an app.

Parler and Trump against tech giants

Millions of app supporters from right-wingers flooded the app after the U.S. ex-president Donald Trump joined the social platform. Trump was banned first from Twitter on January 8, before Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon web service, Reddit, Twitch, and even Shopify censored him. Hence, the 45th president of the United States shifted to Parler as a solution.