Pattern of Abuse: New York Doctor Accused of Drugging and Raping Patients 


 Dr. Cheng pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

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Authorities believe there may be additional victims across the United States. And possibly even abroad. In some cases, the victims may be unaware of the assaults since they were unconscious during the attacks. 

A separate cache of footage stored on Cheng’s hard drive reportedly contains footage of six more unidentified women.

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Drugging and raping patients

The investigation into Dr. Cheng revealed a disturbing arsenal of drugs in his possession. He had stores of surgical anesthesia, fentanyl, ketamine, and LSD. 

Prosecutors allege that the substances were used to incapacitate victims, making them unable to defend themselves against the doctor’s assaults. The videos discovered suggest that the attacks took place in various locations, including New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and even Thailand.