Pelosi Calls for “Intervention” for President Trump


Tensions between President Trump and Democrat leaders have heightened over the course of this week.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi furthered animosity earlier today when she called upon the president’s inner circle to stage an “intervention.”

Why Does Pelosi Believe an Intervention is Necessary for Trump?

The speaker of the House shared her thoughts about President Trump as she delivered remarks during a press briefing. According to Pelosi, the president is in need of an invention; she even went as far as to claim that Trump may benefit from a “leave of absence.”

In Pelosi’s own words:

“The president stormed out, pounded the table, walked out the door. Another temper tantrum, again, I pray for the president of the United States. I wish that his family, the administration, and his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

She also reaffirmed claims that President Trump obstructed justice:

“It cannot be denied. These can be impeachable offenses, but we want to follow the facts, get the truth to the American people, with a recognition that no one is above the law, and that the president is engaged in a cover-up.”

The Response from President Trump

There are two sides to every story and President Trump definitely has a very contrasting outlook from Pelosi.

Hours ago, the president took to Twitter to share his version of the events which happened yesterday:

Shortly after this tweet, President Trump also stated that Democrats will eventually have to refocus their efforts and energy towards working for the American people.

Talks of Impeachment Amongst the Democrats

Democrats have ongoingly called for the impeachment of President Trump since the conclusion of the Mueller probe. Now, in prior weeks, Pelosi stated that she believes impeachment would serve as too divisive for the American people. However, this tune is changing on her end.

Earlier this month, the House Speaker claimed that President Trump is “goading” Democrats to impeach him. This confused many Americans, particularly supporters of the president, who viewed this claim as outrageous. Why would Trump actively egg on Democrats to impeach him from the presidency?

The president has actively criticized Democrats who continue to call for his impeachment.