Pelosi on Impeachment: “We Can’t Go There Unless We Have the Facts!”


Finally, she wrapped up her remarks on this matter by stating that no moves towards impeachment can happen unless “the facts” are unearthed; Pelosi also noted that her answer on impeachment doesn’t change as the days pass.

See for yourself:

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The Progressive Support for Impeachment

The progressive wing of the Democrat Party is most eager to impeach President Trump. Individuals of this mindset believe that the president has obstructed justice and committed additional crimes which warrant impeachment. However, as previously stated, the president has never faced formal criminal charges, nor is there proof to show that Trump obstructed justice.

This also why Pelosi stated that Congress is still investigating any potential merits or grounds for impeachment. Still, progressives aren’t happy and many have censured Pelosi for what they view as “weakness” when it comes to taking on the president.