Pelosi “Most Dangerous” House Speaker, Says Top Republican


For at least the next two years, Americans will have to live with Democrats controlling both congressional chambers. Although the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate are slim, the left still has more power than they would if Republicans controlled even just one body.

The Democrat majority is putting leftist leaders under a microscope. Due to the outcome of the Georgia runoffs, Chuck Schumer is now the Senate Majority Leader, while Mitch McConnell is the new Senate Minority Leader. Likewise, Democrats’ narrowly-maintained majority in the House leaves Nancy Pelosi as the House Speaker.

The Republican Party and its members regularly criticize Pelosi due to her politics and leadership manners. This Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned that Pelosi is the most dangerous individual to occupy her present position.

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Gingrich on the danger of Speaker Pelosi

During an interview with Life, Liberty & Levin host Mark Levin, Gingrich did not hold back. The former House Speaker stated that the current occupant of this position “lives in an enclave” and isn’t above abusing political power.