Pelosi Predicts Democrats Will Hold onto House Following 2022 Midterms


Pelosi, by her own admission, has a different view. On Friday, the House Speaker declared that she has great confidence that Democrats will “win” the House of Representatives in 2022. Pelosi then followed up this prediction by asserting that she always “[runs] from behind.”

GOP messaging to voters

Republicans are hard at work to convey their message to voters. The promotion of conservative leadership comes amid the various issues rising from leftist leadership.

GOP candidates are vowing that getting Republicans back into congressional majorities will mean change. That change will entail stopping wasteful spending from the Biden administration; it also involves funding — not defunding — police and working to combat inflation.

If Republicans do succeed in taking back the House of Representatives, Pelosi is officially done as House Speaker. Current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would be Pelosi’s likeliest successor.

Overall, the GOP is very confident their party will win back the House.