Pennsylvania Attorney General puts stop to price gouging on Amazon


Following its investigation, the Attorney General’s Office charged the online seller with violating the Pennsylvania Price Gouging Act and the Consumer Protection Law.

Pennsylvania does not tolerate price gouging

Goods and More entered into an Assurance Voluntary Compliance (AVC) with the Attorney General’s Office. The online seller agreed that it will no longer charge an unconscionably excessive price for products covered by a declared emergency and will stop engaging in unfair methods of competition or business practices.

Additionally, the online seller agreed to pay $15,993 including $1,900 in civil penalties, $192.50 in court costs, and $13,901.48, which will be refunded to consumers who purchased the hand sanitizers at prices mentioned above.

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In a statement, Attorney General Josh Shapiro said, “We won’t tolerate illegal price gouging during this emergency, and we’re taking action every day to stop it — here in Scranton and across Pennsylvania.”

Shapiro added, “Pennsylvanians need security and financial protection right now, especially when so many have lost wages and 30% of our residents are out of work.”