Pennsylvania construction firm Hawbaker pleads guilty to stealing wages; to pay $20M to workers


The construction company will also reimburse the OAG $240,562.78 for third-party expert fees incurred as cost of prosecution.

Additionally, Hawbaker was sentenced to serve a concurrent five-year term of probation on each felony count of wage theft. The sentence will run simultaneously to each other.

Furthermore, the construction company will submit to oversight by a Corporate Monitor as a condition of probation. The Corporate Monitor will supervise Hawbaker’s compliance with all state and federal wage laws including the Pennsylvania Prevailing Wage Act, the David-Bacon Act, and the David-Bacon Related Acts during the five-year term of probation. Hawbaker will pay all fees and costs associated with the Corporate Monitor.

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In a statement, Attorney General Josh Shapiro said, “A month ago I met with some of the men and women who had their wages and retirements stolen by Hawbaker — and I told them that we will do everything we can to get them every cent they are owed under the law. A few minutes ago, I was able to tell them that we made good on that promise.”