Biden to Give Border Crossers Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine


Once again, President Biden is in the hot seat. The current president is routinely outspoken about how much he thinks the unvaccinated are contributing to new COVID infections; yet, in the same breath, Biden is also letting through border crossers.

Migrants who illegally cross the Southern border are not subjected to COVID testing or any other screenings. Therefore, some Americans are now pointing out that this could very likely be why there are more reports of COVID infections and the Delta variant.

Reporters at the White House have questioned Biden and his administration about this; however, the only responses are incoherent and nonsensical ones at best.

Now, however, there are reports that Biden is planning to have migrant crossers given the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus shot.

The one and done vaccine

Unlike, Pfizer and Moderna, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one shot; this means that border crossers who are administered this vaccine will not need to return at any point for a second dose. That is why the Biden administration chose this particular brand to administer.