Biden to Give Border Crossers Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine


Officials for DHS spoke with Washington Post about these latest plans of the White House. Per DHS, border crossers shall receive the Johnson & Johnson immunization ahead of their release onto U.S. grounds. This will take place as migrants are waiting for processing into America, court dates, or even deportations.

Right now, border crossings are higher than they’ve been in about 20 years. Meanwhile, there are reports of record number of COVID infections. Putting two and two together makes what’s happening very much apparent.

A border crisis worsened

Even with President Biden’s decision to administer the COVID vaccine to border crossers, this still does nothing to fix the crisis.

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Human trafficking, drug transfers, and more are at all time highs. Meanwhile, children often  face abandonment at the Southern border. Republicans, therefore, are stating that this president must face accountability for his mess; the GOP also maintains that the White House has a responsibility to fix the border crisis once and for all.