Pennsylvania to issue bonds to provide funding for new voting machines


Counties that implement new voting machines before the 2020 primary will receive their full share of all federal and state funds.

Kathi Cozzone, president of the County Commissioner Association of Pennsylvania, said, “There are few higher priorities for counties than the safe, accessible and secure administration of elections, and we are truly grateful for the support and assistance we will be receiving as we move to the next generation of voting systems.”

On the other hand, Douglas E. Hill, executive director of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, commented, “The provision of funding from the commonwealth, coupled with funds already received from the federal government, will significantly reduce the need for use of local property tax dollars.”

Last year, the Pennsylvania Department of State directed all counties to replace their voting machines. The department issued the directive after federal authorities confirmed that Russians hackers targeted 21 states including Pennsylvania during the 2016 presidential election.