Pennsylvania Special Election: Saccone Campaign Prepares for Possible Recount

Pennsylvania GOP Candidate Rick Saccone

Republican Rick Saccone has no plans right now to concede the special election in the 18th congressional district of Pennsylvania. His campaign is preparing for a possible recount.

Bob Branstetter, a consultant to Saccone’s campaign told CNN that the GOP candidate will not concede until all the ballots have been counted. He said, “We’re just letting the process play out.” He also pointed out that the online results are not official. They “have to see what the process hold.”

Last night, Saccone said, “We’re still fighting the fight. It’s not over yet. We’re gonna fight all the way to the end. You know, I never give up…We’re not giving up.”

The media outlet also reported Kathleen Gallagher, the lawyer representing Saccone’s campaign, instructed four counties in the 18th district to keep the ballots and voting machines. The four counties include Westmoreland, Washington, Green and Allegheny.

In addition, Saccone’s campaign is also questioning Allegheny County official regarding its initial exclusion of one of its lawyers from the vote count.