People Can Now Access ChatGPT Without Setting Up Accounts


As the public adapts to artificial intelligence (AI) and continues ascertaining its capabilities, generative AI, in particular, is making a splash. Students have been relying on the technology for quite some time. Reports also indicate that teachers are now using AI to grade papers, put together course assignments, and more.

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Generative AI remains somewhat controversial for a multitude of reasons. It can streamline various tasks; however, the information it delivers often lacks precision and requires fact-checking.

Then, there’s the issue surrounding the training models used to perfect programs like ChatGPT. In 2023, parent company OpenAI got slammed with a lawsuit from the New York Times, with the publication alleging unfair use of its copyrighted content.

While that works itself out, OpenAI has taken steps to make ChatGPT even more available to the general public.

Expanding artificial intelligence access across the board

Exactly one week ago, OpenAI revealed that anyone looking to use its generative program can do so “instantly.” This means they’ll no longer need to create accounts or log in existing ones to utilize the service.