Pfizer Settles New York’s Probe into its Alleged Deceptive Advertising


In a statement, Underwood said, “Pfizer misled customers by promising low copay for prescription drugs – only to leave them with major bills at the cash register. Now, they must take responsibility and provide restitution to the New Yorkers they deceived.”

Additionally, she stressed that her office will “continue to investigate companies that mislead and deceive New Yorkers.”

Underwood launched an investigation into Pfizer’s marketing practices of its copayment coupons after receiving a complaint from a consumer. That consumer reported that she obtained a deceptive Estring copayment coupon, which included the language “PAY NO MORE THAN $15.” However, when she presented the coupon at the pharmacy register, she ended up paying $114.62.

Under the settlement, New York consumers are eligible to receive restitution for the amount of their copayment that exceeded the PAY NO MORE THAN amount listed on the copayment coupon. The restitution applies to their first use of the drug copayment card program.