A PI’s Look at Avoiding Online Dating Stalkers Scammers and Worse


Many people use online dating tools, whether they’re hoping for a hook-up or a potential love-match. Users often use multiple apps, swiping through hundreds of profiles a day and setting up dates. Using these tools could be putting them at risk.

Many users believe that if they just take appropriate safety measures, they are protected. It is true that this reduces the risks and many people do report having a good experience when using these apps. On the other hand, users may be careless about safety and sometimes vulnerabilities exist in the apps themselves. We must be smart when it comes to online dating and be aware that the possibility of stalking, catfishing, rape and even murder does exist.

All online behavior such as sharing personal information, meeting someone who is relatively unknown, and using geolocation has potential risks. Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps, warns its users that it’s up to them to do research and background checks.


Increase In Crimes

Many crimes involving the use of dating apps have been reported. This may just be the tip of the iceberg too, as victims are often too afraid or embarrassed to make a report.

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John DeMarr
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