Plaintiff #15 Joins Baylor University Lawsuit


Baylor University is defending several federal lawsuits alleging that they did not properly handle reports of rape and sexual assault. Plaintiff 15, identified only as Jane Doe, has joined three other federal lawsuit plaintiffs.

Jane Doe 15 Alleges Baylor University Failed to Take Proper Action After Reported Rape

Jane Doe 15 enrolled as a student at Baylor University in the fall of 2014. She alleged in her lawsuit that she was sexually assaulted by another student in February 2016. Ms. Doe underwent a rape examination and Waco Police took a report from her. After her release from the hospital, Ms. Doe stated that she, a professor, and her parents contacted Baylor University and reported the sexual assault. The lawsuit states that the report was made to Baylor Police, a Baylor Chaplain, the Title IX Office, and former Baylor President Ken Starr.

Although Ms. Doe was referred to the Associate Vice President of Student Life for class accommodations, she alleges that she was told that there was nothing that Student Life could do for her. Additionally, Ms. Doe stated in her lawsuit that she resided in the same off-campus housing area as the attacker. She requested relocation help from both the Title XI office and the Chaplain, but did not receive help.

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Ms. Doe also alleged that the Title IX office found the attacker responsible for sexual assault, but did nothing to protect her from being harassed by other students who found out that she reported the assault.

Baylor Formerly Settled a Gangrape Lawsuit

In September 2017, Baylor settled a federal lawsuit filed against it after she was gangraped by two football players. The plaintiff, identified in the lawsuit as Elizabeth Doe, sued Baylor after she was raped in April 2013. The most staggering revelation to come forward as a result of this particular federal lawsuit was that an investigation performed between 2011 and 2014 showed that at least 52 rapes, five of which were gangrapes, occurred and involved at least 31 different football players.

Will Baylor settle the rest of the federal lawsuits filed against it for sexual assault and rape?