Voting Fraud is Allegedly Still Rampant, Plans for New Voting Restrictions to Reduce Fraudulence


Georgia Overhauling Election Laws

Georgia is looking to intensely scrutinize and overhaul their states election laws. Republicans have proposed a bevy of changes. These include imposing limits on who can vote by mail to limiting the use of official ballot drop boxes. The drop boxes provided a secure way for people to return absentee ballots without using the postal system.

The Republican state Senate caucus endorsed ending the no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia. A disproportionate number of mail-in ballots used by Democratic voters in the 2020 elections, pushed President Biden towards the win. Biden received over one-third of votes in Georgia casted by mail, versus just 18 percent of Trump’s votes.)

Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who rejected fraud claims, also said he supported scrapping no-excuse mail voting. The system was too taxing on local election administrators, according to Raffensperger. GOP leaders have yet to agree on exact changes.

Republicans align universally behind requiring absentee voters to submit a copy of an ID. Providing an ID either when requesting or return a ballot will ensure voter integrity. This would replace a state’s signature verification system.