Voting Fraud is Allegedly Still Rampant, Plans for New Voting Restrictions to Reduce Fraudulence


Re-engaging Disenfranchised Voters

“I think that has the most likelihood of being signed into law,” said state Sen. Larry Walker, the vice chair of the Republican Senate caucus. Walker admitted being “very supportive” of the change. He is keenly aware of his constituents concerns after receiving thousands of emails, letters, and texts.

“A large percentage of my constituents have lost faith in the integrity of our election system,” he said. “So we’re going to try to address some things we feel like can restore the public’s confidence in the system.”

He also rejected claims that changes would disenfranchise voters, citing the state’s high turnout. “I don’t think any of these ideas are burdensome or overly restrictive. They don’t lead to what I would consider voter suppression,” he said.

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Voter ID’s are Working in More than Half the States

Currently, 36 states have some form Voter ID laws in place. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are also in talks over changes to voting laws.

Pennsylvania may experience growing pains in the upcoming cycle. “It isn’t a secret  further election law changes must be made,” Pennsylvania state Rep. Seth Grove, Republican House State Government Committee chair, spoke at a hearing on the state’s election laws on Thursday afternoon. He noted both Democrats and Republicans have proposed changes to Pennsylvania election laws. Thursday’s hearing was the first of a planned 14 total hearings on election laws.