Playboy Going Public Again After SPAC Deal


Playboy was also well known for huge parties. The brand would host at the Playboy Mansion where the same women would be present alongside some of the world’s most famous and influential people. The Mansion was later bought in 2016 by billionaire Daren Metropoulos for $100 million.

The New Plan

Without having its famous magazine to sell, Playboy looks to rebrand the company and enter into four new markets: 1. Sexual wellness; 2. Style and apparel; 3. Gaming and lifestyle; 4. Beauty and grooming.

Sexual wellness products are to include the likes of lingerie and body products that can be found at stores such as CVS and Walmart. They estimate this will make up about 40% of the company’s sales in 2020. Licensing their well-established brand to be used in fashion collaborations with stores such as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s, the company expects another 50% of their sales to come from the men and women fashion and accessories market.

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Playboy has also debuted a fragrance and cosmetics line for men in Europe, as well as a home collection line in a collaboration with furniture giant Wayfair.