Poll: 26% of Americans Comfortable Ditching Face Masks


Even with multiple COVID-19 vaccines, debates about the virus remain ongoing. Some people are ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of regular life; others are concerned about doing too much too soon.

The face mask has engendered massive controversy over the past year. Physical altercations and even deaths have occurred between individuals on different sides of the mask debate. However, with the arrival of vaccines against coronavirus, the question arises: can Americans finally take off their masks?

Different people have very different answers to this question. Some folks were never supportive of mask-wearing, while some fully vaccinated people are still wearing their face coverings.

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According to a new poll, just 26% of the nation reports being comfortable with ditching the face mask.

Where do Americans stand on masking?

A new poll conducted by Economist/YouGov shows that just a little over one-fourth of Americans are comfortable being maskless in public. The survey then asked participants when they believe is the right time for going out without a face covering; the responses to this question turned out to be fascinating.